The Global Cosmopolitan Mindset cover

Out now! The Global Cosmopolitan Mindset: Learning From The New Global Leaders
Professor Linda Brimm’s new book explains the unique competencies and complex issues facing multi-national, multi-cultural “citizens of the world”. Find out more and buy from Amazon and Palgrave.

Meet the Global Cosmopolitan – member of a talented population of highly educated, multilingual people who have lived, worked and studied for extensive periods in different cultures.

Professor Linda Brimm’s book explains how a growing number of people like Barack Obama and Carlos Ghosn have used their backgrounds without borders to become leaders. The rest of the world can learn much from them – especially about creativity, identity and change. Yet, as they embark on their international careers, Global Cosmopolitans also face particular challenges…

With fascinating first-personal stories from throughout the world, intelligent analysis, practical advice, and even a self-help workbook, the book is essential reading for recruiters, business leaders, careers advisers, sociologists, psychologists, anyone interested in identity or change… and most of all Global Cosmopolitans themselves.

“One of the most important career development books of the last decade.”
Ed Schein, Professor Emeritus, MIT Sloan School of Management
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