Linda Brimm and mountains

Professor Linda Brimm brings a rich international experience as a Professor of Organizational Behavior at international business school, INSEAD, founder of the International Counseling Service in Paris, clinical psychologist, and advisor to business organizations. This has brought her into contact with a variety of Global Cosmopolitans.

In fact, during her own career journey starting in the USA to three years in Southern France, followed by three years in Israel and finally settling in the Paris area, she has managed to produce two Global Cosmopolitan children of her own.

The book, Global Cosmopolitans, combines insights from her international life as a psychologist, a teacher, a parent, and as an expert on business organization.

Linda gained her doctorate in clinical psychology and psychoanalysis from the Université de Paris in the city where she still has a private practice. Her professional identity was initially formed by her undergraduate study at Cornell University, followed by a master’s degree from Northeastern University, both in the USA. She also did a postgraduate degree program in clinical psychology at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in Israel.

Linda continues to live in Paris with her husband. She still teaches at INSEAD’s campuses in France, Singapore and Abu Dhabi. At the moment, she is traveling and lecturing widely on issues generated by her work on Global Cosmopolitans at conferences and other events.

During her time in France, Linda has helped to found the Anglophone Section of Fontainebleau, which is an integral part of three French State Schools in Fontainebleau and the International Counseling Service in Paris, a professional psychological service founded to serve the English-speaking community in France. This service offers psychotherapy for individuals, couples, families and groups in both English and French.

Linda’s research, teaching, consulting, and community activities have always focused on the application of clinical concepts to organizational behavior, personal development and management. Among many cross-cultural studies over the course of her long career was a highly acclaimed project on one company’s efforts to manage workforce diversity in Europe.

Her current research work builds on the work presented in Global Cosmopolitans and continues her study of identity development and change through narrative stories. She hopes to develop some of the next wave of research through this website. In the meantime, please contact her if you are interested in getting involved.

All images above (apart from the portrait) were taken by Linda on her travels. From left to right: Chile, French Alps, Borneo.